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Marketing for Costa Rica Tour Operators

Marketing Costa Rica Tour Companies

Travel Agencies

For tour operators, we visit all the travel agencies, contact them by email, follow up + digital strategies.

Promote tour operators

Local strategies

In case of tour companies, we also set up a local regional marketing campaign, in order to get the local hotels onboard.

Promoting the tours

Our marketing and promotion strategies for tour operators and adventure companies is very similar to the marketing we offer to hotels. There are minor changes, since Tour Operators also have lots of clients from the regional zone, so we develop extra strategies using our complete contact lists of local hotels and tourist information centers as well as local travel agencies in order to reach them too and have them send clients from the local hotels to the tour operator.

The marketing for tour operators with travel agencies is very similar to the one we use with hotels. We visit all the Costa Rica travel Agencies that bring clients from abroad, wholesalers that send clients to Costa Rica from abroad, and we also use personalized emailing, digital marketing, mass emailing and newsletters and the creation of digital brochures. We can also set up and include a traditional paper brochure for marketing.